The interactive mixing desk of larp

The mixing desk of larp is a great tool. As said on the Nordic larp wiki, it’s a framework for organizing your thoughts about larp design. We think it’s more than that. When we heard about it last year, we presented it to the french larpers and offered them a tool to play with it.



We had two purposes.

The first one was that each organizer who wanted to speak about his/her larp to come, could fill the mixing desk to complete the speech and give to the players a good idea of his/her intention, with a simple picture.

The second one was that maybe, in the long term, if each organizer filled the mixing desk, we could have some information about the “french average larp”. The study is still running…


Now we want to share this tool to international larpers. We hope it will be useful to you.


Access to the interactive mixing desk

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