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House MD: The textbook case




You will find here the rules of the medical system and a simple case to test them.

These game mechanics were used on a larp based upon the TV Series “House MD”. You will find a review here.

These game mechanics may of course be used in any larp where you want to simulate medicine and diagnosis.





Bus Stop

Bus-Stop larp


This small game is about the encounter of people at a bus stop, and the beginning of a friendship.

It’s a feel good game for 3 to 5 players, it lasts less than two hours with the workshops.

This larp is really easy to organize and play.






This larp aims at setting up a game of attraction, intimacy or complicity.

There’s no story and the players won’t try to accomplish a performance.

You play for yourself and for your partner. This is a feel-good game.




The eXperience method

eXperience method


This guidebook contains everything you must know if you want to write a larpscript.

It addresses both beginners and experienced larpers. It will guide you, step by step, in the creation of your larpscript.

This is a method to write a story. It’s very efficient if you want to design a character-driven story. But maybe you want to write a plot-driven story or maybe you would like to let the players design their characters and you don’t want to control the intensity of the drama. In these cases, the method will bring you a lot of good tools but you will probably not use all the steps we propose.

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  1. Hi! I’m a Brazilian larp researcher. Could I transate the Bus Stop larp to Portuguese and return it to you to make avaliable?

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