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Larp Review: Skoro Rassvet

Larp Review: Skoro Rassvet
Foreword : this article is a loose translation of an article that was originally written in French with the French-speaking audience it mind. It establishes comparisons with a sub-genre of historically inspired Larps that have been called “romanesque” in our own gaming culture. Romanesque means literally “that would have its place in a novel”, especially something emotional or very dramatic. As Larp goes, frenchstyle Romanesque larps have focused on character-based stories, 360...
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Larp Review: Just a Little Lovin’

Larp Review: Just a Little Lovin'
Just a Little Lovin’ is a game designed by two Norwegians, Hanne Grasmo and Tor Kjetil Edland. It was played three times since 2011, and I had the chance to play the third run in Denmark this year. We were about 70 people there, during 5 days. The larp is described on its website ( as a larp about friendship, desire and the fear of death. The game takes place in America during the early 80’s, among the gay/lesbian/trans/drag community in New York...
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